Egypt …… The Magic Of The World in One Country

Egypt at Night

Egypt has a special historical, cultural and archaeological Nature making Egypt gets a well-deserved title or lower and therefore the work of a tourist trip to learn about Egypt tourism and tourist sites out is an act of a journey through the history and civilizations sites will take you in the lines coming in a wonderful trip to (the mother of the world) and there is The most beautiful tourist sites in Egypt and tourism guide in Egypt with pictures and details.

Giza Necropolis :

It is not one of the most important tourist sites in Egypt but it is also one of the most international famous throughout the ages, These are known as the three pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure In the south-west of Cairo, and have a lot beauty &magic.

Great sphinx and pyramid under bright sun

River Nile Cruise :

River Nile is the lifeline in Egypt and the main reason behind the civilization and culture, history and tourism Egypt Therefore, the work of a cruise on the Nile River or the so-called Nile cruise is the experience of users can be forgotten like you are going in the river of life and you can make this voyage on the road between Luxor and Aswan or you can play them in Cairo In all cases, the prices of these Nile cruises are accessible to everyone where you can discernible felucca sailing boats just for some little money , or having a wonderful night on the back of one night a luxury cruise ships enjoy the magic of the Nile and the beauty and grandeur of Egypt Tourism.

Egyptian Museum :

Egyptian Museum One of the main and most important tourist sites in Egypt tourism locate in Tahrir Square but the value of the place of historical and archaeological priceless as it contains the museum at no less than 120 000 relics variety of statues and papyri, coins old witness to the civilization of the pharaohs which makes the Egyptian Museum is one of the most important tourist sites in the whole world comes him millions of tourists each year to learn about the history and civilization of Egypt and it’s great nation.

Siwa Oasis :

Siwa Oasis If you are interested in some peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the capital in Cairo do not miss a visit to Siwa Oasis, which is located between the Egyptian-Libyan border, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Egypt as well as the place to play a historic role in the civilization of ancient Egypt and there are ruins of many of the remaining relics even to this day, and there are also many beautiful landscapes of nature springs and palm trees, and there you will find beautiful hotel based on the nature and make you live day in the lap of pristine nature and get to know a different side of tourism in Egypt.

Dahab :

If you believe that all tourist sites in Egypt Tourism rely depends on relics and ancient civilization, then you are not familiar with tourism in Egypt, well here’s the city of Dahab, which is considered one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Egypt, which is located about 85 kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh at the southern tip of Sinai is the perfect place to enjoy the beaches and business trips Safari and enjoy sports, diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfing and watching coral reefs charming and stay in the finest and most luxurious hotels in Egypt, which provide you with all forms of luxury and comfort.

Sharm EL-Sheikh :

Sharm EL-Sheikh It is a piece of heaven, country of peace. Sharm EL-Sheikh combines between the beautiful nature and bustle of the city, it is a tourist city of the first-class, ranging from water sports such as diving ,sailing , water –skiing , snorkeling, fishing and cruises to visit nature reserves and safaris and nights Bedouin to nightlife bustling village a night or in hotels different. And the most important activities that can be practiced there, and that in itself is memorable experiences such as: Diving in a lot of areas for example Coral area Strait of Tiran in the Gulf of Aqaba, Ras Mohammed National Park, Shark Pay for beginners. Naama Bay , they called it also Sharm EL-Sheikh champs-Elysees ,which have all forms of joy with its delight of restaurants, dancing halls, Arabic cafes and others on the beach which enable you to see the morning with sunrise horizon in an incredible moments you can’t forget.

Hurghada - Egypt- coast and Recreation :

Hurghada – Egypt – coast and Recreation The city of Hurghada on the Red Sea Coast and features with its shiny sun all over the year and the amazing coral reefs which make it one of the three best diving areas in the on the beach , water sports fun and golf is a small fraction of the activates you can do it there.

Luxor :

Luxor It is a city of the sun, which is itself a “Tiba”, the capital of ancient Egypt. It is the city which contains one-third of the effects of the world and the most important historically, such as the famous Karnak Temple. Characterized with its Luxor overlooking the banks of the Nile River, which earns maintain its glory and excellence.

Aswan :

Aswan Aswan with a special place in Egypt, it’s archaeological and tourist city, where you find a lot of foreign tourists, who come from around the world to visit, especially from Europe and East Asia, and the most important tourist landmarks “the Elephantine Island.

Alexandria - Egypt :

Alexandria – Egypt Coastal city characterized by its amazing beaches, it is really the bride of the Mediterranean, Alexandria – Egypt Coastal city characterized by its amazing